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AC9IM Steve

Earl, you know too much! You are a PTS to the system of control.

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I myself 100% plus, agree. Choose smartly my friends.

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No offense but if you have Alexa, Siri, Echo, Ring..or any "smart device" in or around your're an idiot and get what you deserve.
All fancy and free features come a cost, the tech companies get to know EVERYTHING about you. Sure right now they use the data to target marketing so you will buy more Chinese crap that you don't need.
But that data can and will be used against you by employers, law enforcement, lawyers and an alphabet soup of government agencies for purposes both mundane and nefarious.
Congratulations! We've just constructed a prison will no walls and no guards.
Welcome to your Brave New World..

The "Internet of Things" in general is bad idea. Have we not learned anything from the latest round of ransom wear attacks?
Now imagine it is the dead of winter. coldest week in 100 years. some hacker in a far away land, decides to turn off all the "smart" Thermostats. tens of thousands of text messages pop up on phones all over the country...
"Cold Night Isn't? Send me 100 Dollars in bitcoin and i will turn your heat back out before your pipes freeze and frost bite sets in LOL"

FYI: I'm not some sort of tin foil hat wearing Luddite, I love tech and use it everyday, heck i even work in tech.
I realize there are trade offs for features verses my privacy that, personally I am not going to tolerate Putting a internet microphone and camera in my house is where i draw the line.
Your priorities may be different, just don't be surprised when things go sideways because.. you willing put surveillance devices in your home.


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