Weather Balloon?

KM4HQE Stan Gammons

I've been meaning get "round to it" with the Raspberry Pi 4 I built some time ago. Since I'm recovering from recent back surgery (doing pretty well after surgery but having trouble sleeping and a few other problems); I decided to mess with the Raspberry Pi 4 some. I installed Direwolf and Xastir on the Pi 4 and connected my FT-8900R to the Pi 4 with a USB sound card which is connected to the 1200 baud data out pin on the FT-8900R data jack. Today I was looking at the decodes on 144.390 Mhz and saw what I guess is a weather balloon?  If so, it seems like it would have a better description than "Original Balloon  to identify what it is.  Most of the info in the decoded data is obvious. Like the position, I take it the speed is the wind speed at the altitude of the balloon.  I guess course is the direction the balloon is moving.   What is StrTrk, 192, 9 and 1.45V?   I take it -33C and 7458Pa is the temperature and barometric pressure at the balloon altitude.



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