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The HamQuest site ( lists HamQuest as 31July; in your email the date is listed as July 21st.


On 4/11/2021 1:36 PM, K4PEW Paul Wieloszynski wrote:
See attached note from Michael N4MAW regarding the HUGE International Airstream's International Rally that will be at the Wilson County Fairgrounds during the same week of the HamQuest on July 21st.
Details are in the forwarded messages.


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Thanks, Michael! Am sure this will make the HamQuest even better.  I will be forward this message to the Simplexton troops.

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Please see below.  I have given them the info on your simplex net on 147.415 and they are going to put it out to their hams.  Also, as shown below they will be foing a daily simplex net while here and likely will be on the WARC repeater.



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Subject: Our gathering in Lebanon in July,2021


Hello Michael,

I am Roger Peeples, (KD6FBF) and I have some information about our gathering in July in Lebanon.

Our International rally for the Airstream Club inc, will gather at the Wilson Country Expo Center on July 17th through 24th.  The setup crew will start arriving on the 12th.  All in all, we will have between 750 to 900 Airstream trailers attending.  Many of them are also amateur radio operators.


We will be holding a simplex net on 146.43 each morning from the 14th to the 23rd.  Some of the hams will be traveling around the area and need repeater communications. 


We would like to know if we could use your repeater, WC4AR on 147.105+ for arriving hams to contact us if they need to. 


Also, would our simplex net interrupt any local activity during our stay.


We will be putting on an VE exam for all classes of hams licenses. It will be on Thursday July 22nd from 2pm to 5 pm.  It will be open to anyone wanting to take their Tech, Gen, or Extra exams.  Please feel free to let people in your area and club know of the VE exam.


If you have any questions, please let me know.


Roger Peeples, (KD6FBF)
2nd Vice President




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