Re: Help building an antenna #antennas

W4TFZ Carey

Josh, you are talking about going to Lowes, what kind of parts are you looking for? I might have some extra stuff laying around that could help. 

I tried to build a triband "cactus" J-pole last year to match my mobile, and after several weekends I never could get it to tune without an analyzer. I finally gave up after spending about $100 on copper tubing and such, I broke down and just ordered a Diamond X510 and called it done before I spent any more money on the "cheap" way out. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the time I spent on it but I also learned that sometimes its cheaper to let the experts build it.

With the current market for copper, it's at an all time high and still going up, plus shortage of raw materials you might be ahead just to order a factory antennae.

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