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I think the UV-5x3 is very comparable to the Baefeng UV-5R, although I don’t own the btech.

Those little HTs get a nice punch in performance with maybe the ExpertPower or even the Nagoya 771 that simply replaces the stock rubber ducky.

I’ve tried a bunch of higher gain antennas like a j-pole, vertical dipole, and a few others.  No luck. They simply overload the front end of those little HTs and effectively kick off.

my $0.02, YRMV

I’d save up for an inexpensive mobile rig like a TYT 7800/9800.  Then, stick a Diamond X200 on that roof (no idea on the install costs of that).  You’ll be surprised what you can hear.


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I am new to ham radio (have been lurking on some of the weekly nets, but I can't get in, nor hear many of the participants).

I have a btech UV-5x3 handheld radio as my starting point.

I am interested in considering putting up an antenna on my roof to use with my HT until I upgrade to a base station radio.

Is it worth installing an antenna on my roof with using a cheap starter radio?

What would you estimate would be the project cost all-in (done right)?  The location I think would work best (and where I want to bring the wire into house) is on the opposite side of the house from my main electrical and ground rod.
Would I probably have to install a new ground electrode on that side of my house and tie that to my main ground electrode?

My roof is also pretty high and steep, are there people or companies that are equipped to safely install an antenna locally (northeast Smyrna), and if so, any ideas on costs?

Beyond that, any suggestion on a particular antenna (at least 70cm, 2m)?  I am currently have my technician, but eventually interested in higher license/hf.

I'm at just under 600' elevation and I'm off of Weakly Ln.

Curtis (K9KWG)

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