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Thanks for the link and info Mike!  This does look like a great Saturday project – and useful too!




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The design I stole is basically this…….




at least as far as element length and spacing.  I did confirm some of the element calculations with a few of the online calculators that Stan referenced.  The were very close on element length, but a bit different on element spacing.  I went with the design above as it is specific for a 3 element quad.  The cubical quad calculators have closer spacing on the multiple directors.


As far as structure, it is built out of 1” PVC (schedule 20) for the boom and riser pole.  The element diagonals are 1/2” PVC (schedule 20) attached to 5/8” dowels about 4 inches in length that go through the 1” boom.  As it turns out, 5/8” wooden dowels from Lowes fit snugly into 1/2” PVC without the need for glue.  I suppose you could just drill the holes bigger and slide the 1/2” through, but the 1/2” PVC takes up more diameter.


If you are thinking of building one, email me and I’ll give you some tips on getting that sucker tuned properly and a few other pitfalls to know ahead of time.  It’s a fun Saturday project.






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Any chance you can share where you got the plans for this or did you design it yourself?


73’s and regards,



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Indeed. Good eye.  It was specifically built for the Simplexton in me, FM polarized and tuned to 146.415. It tested at a ridiculous 1.04 SWR on that frequency. Maybe I’ll hear a few more folks.




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That's cool.


Looks like it's vertical polarization?









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One of our Simplextons in Clarksville, Michael K4GSA decided he wanted to do better from his DX location and built a 3 element quad antenna (image attached) that worked out well, as we tested it this morning,  and while his Diamond X50 could only break my squelch, the beam in his attack gave me nearly a S4 in Mt. Juliet.  As I told him, think how well it would work outside at even a higher elevation...


Congrats to Michael!!



Hope to hear you on the air!!




Mt. Juliet 



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