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It's probably worth mentioning that you can talk on DMR, as well as Yaesu System Fusion, P.25, & all the other digital voice modes with free software on a PC or Android phone/tablet. No Radio or Hotspot required. I believe an IOS version is being considered as well for Iphone/Ipad users. 

The software is called "DudeStar" for Windows 10, & a mobile equivalent called "DroidStar" for Android. The app takes the place of both a Digital Voice Radio & a HotSpot. Of course you will NOT have the ability to access repeaters which aren't connected to the internet.  It may be worth checking out before you spend $350+ on a DMR radio & Hotspot. Especially if you don't have local DMR repeater(s) to use the radio with directly. That investment might be better spent elsewhere, like a good antenna or something, if that's the case. And make an old phone your new DMR radio.   ;)

You will still have to acquire a DMR ID (get from as well as familiarize yourself with the Brandmeister System a bit. You won't have a physical hotspot or radio, but static TalkGroups must be added on Brandmeister Self Care webpage under the "HotSpots" section & assign it an ESSID # for the app to work properly. Don't worry, It only sounds complicated, it's really not difficult.   ;)

These things have to be done in order to use DMR over the internet, whether by Software or by physical radio & hotspot. Youtube is an invaluable resource in that department. Search for "Getting started with DMR" or "DMR Radio Basics" & watch some videos. I expect more videos about "DudeStar" & "DroidStar" will be popping up as well.

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It's really pretty easy. You just set up a simplex connection from your radio to the hot spot on the frequency you configured. There are several varieties available, particularly on Amazon. They are basically a Raspberry Pi Zero with a radio piggy-backed "hat" on them. Some are dual band, or otherwise advanced, but the basic units are around $100 and do just fine one you get the wi-fi settings and DMR connection configured. Most work for Fusion, P25 and D-Star as well. 

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