Re: Advice on grounding for Outdoor Antenna #antennas


Thank you both for your responses it was exactly the advice I was looking for !! 

I am going to go ahead and install the ground rod and all the required connections. 

Ken- thank you for the offer on lending me the tools. My neighbor actually has one and I will be borrowing, but I really do appreciate it. 

Carey- thanks for the detailed response. You actually answered more questions I had. Specifically about attaching the bonding grounding wire to the wire sticking out of my utility grounding rod. I see where your talking about because I was able to find the grounding attachments for my cable and internet services. I added some more pictures of the way I’m installing the antenna. I’m installing a bracket on the eve or fascia of the back side of the house as high as I can reach. The antenna will be physically installed on a j pipe mount which then attaches to the bracket previously mentioned. Based on what you responded earlier. This would have to be grounded to the grounding rod I’m installing correct? 

I do see what your talking about as well in regards to the enclosure. I was worried about that. I’ll probably just go ahead and pick a bigger one to avoid any issues. I am using LMR-400 and from my limited experience I can see it being an issue with limited space and the bending radius. I didn’t know how big the arrestor  would be and I already had that enclosure from a different project I was working on. 

Anyways thank you both again !! 

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