Advice on grounding for Outdoor Antenna #antennas


So the last of the parts needed for moving the antenna from the attic to outside are arriving tomorrow afternoon. I'm planning on getting everything done Friday and part of Saturday if needed. I do have a couple questions that I would like to get input from more experienced individuals. 

I installed an enclosure outside where the antenna feed will go into the arrestor and from there in to the house to my ham shack. From that specific location, it will be a 38ft run of grounding cable to tap into my house utility grounding rod. 
I bought 6 AWG solid copper grounding cable to ground the antenna arrestor to my house grounding rod. 

My question is if the 38ft length I would have to run is to long and if I should install a grounding rod at the enclosure I installed?

I do understand that if I put a new grounding rod at the new enclosure, I would have to bond both grounding rods together. I just don't know if I need to do it or if that length is good and I can save my self the cost of the additional parts and tool rental to get a grounding rod installed. 

If I have to do it, then I have no problem doing it. Just want to make sure. 

Thank you all in advance. Any other suggestion or tips are always welcomed!


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