Re: Advice for home base set up



I get what your saying about the routing. That’s my biggest headache, but I think I got it figured out on my end. 

On my mobile rig I can usually pick up on avg 6-8 stations during the nets. Michael is one of them. I’ve only been able to pick up Rick once, but it was very spotty. The rest are usually from Donelson. I want to say I heard you , but I will have to check my notes. 

All the equipment is coming in on Thursday and I’m hoping to have it all set up in time for the net on Saturday in order to test it out. I ended up purchasing an anytone 5888uv and the gp1 antenna. I will be linking it all up with LMR-400. 

Will see how it goes and thanks for your input. Hopefully we will be able to talk after I’m done.

Carlos KO4JNY


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