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AC9IM Steve

Carlos, if you really want to experience the hobby you need you move to a place that would enable you to put some antennas outside. I would really consider moving. The top of my GP-9 is 78' above the ground. 2 nights ago I talked to a guy 74 miles west of me for a while on 146.52. Amateur radio is not sitting in your living room on a 5 watt ht talking through a repeater but a start. I am in Scottsville Kentucky and check in on the 10 meter net on Sundays at times. Top of my I-Max is about 60'. For 45 to 50 miles on a 100 watts is not too bad. Have fun! Steve 

On Sun, Dec 27, 2020 at 8:11 PM David KO4HSD via <> wrote:
Hello Carlos,
Both of us are kinda in the same boat.    The GP-1 in the attic is what I have and I put up a posting titled Feedback Needed on Dec 9th.    Maybe some of the responses in my post might be helpful.    I will tell you I'm not satisfied with the location in the attic.    I did do a trial with the antenna outside for one of the simplex nets and I did notice an improvement as expected.    My GP-1 is back in the attic until I can find some good way to put one outdoors.   On the GP-1 antenna specifically, I'm pleased with the quality.   If I can figure out an outside location I will be using a different antenna though.   

Good luck,
David KO4HSD

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