Advice for home base set up



looking for for some advice on setting up a home base. 

I'm planning on setting up a dual band 2m/70cm transceiver. Due to hoa restrictions I’m planning on setting up the antenna in the attic. My house is a two story house and my current elevation is about 530’ asl. I’ve figured out the cable run shouldn’t be no more than 55’. 

I’ve settled on the comet gp-1 for my base antenna due to the space I have in the attic. But I’m curious if anyone has any opinions about this one or any suggestions on others. There are so many to choose from!

This is all relatively new to me and I’m looking for advice. Mainly on what to avoid or any resources that can help prevent me from making rookie mistakes. 

Thank you in advance!
Carlos KO4JNY

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