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N4NYA Dale Hauskin


Here's a photo.

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Hi Paul,

You are right on the money with this one.  WEMA has a trailer that is almost finished that

has radios for VHF, UHF, HF, EMA, and inter-plant communication. It may soon have

CB also!





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Subject: [MJSS] 'nuther Tennessee Simplex club

A representative from this club contacted us to give us their web address and inform us that there was indeed another "Simplex" club in Tennessee.

I reviewed their web site and their apparent goals and activities; they seem to want to be quasi-gummint agency, having their own communications vehicle and will act as an adjunct communications platform for public agencies.

My own opinion is pretty widely known that a club who attempts to fill a role already taken by city, county, state and federal agencies. These agencies already have police, firemen and paramedics, as well as ‘scommunications capabilities greater than any club.

And in a real emergency, volunteers often cannot be counted on to leave their home in a weather emergency for the obvious reason, that being family obligations and the possibility that even if they could leave their homes, the roads could be impassible.

I strongly believe that doing what we are doing is better: building a wide-area network of Hams who have developed and continue to develop stations that can be the eyes and ears to all the public agencies.  We become a group of Hams who will, if able, man radios in their homes on known frequencies to be of service to those agencies. If our participants are able, they can be called on by those agencies to be eyes and ears over an area, in our case, of about 3,000 square miles.

So, I think we're heading down the better path, and, having fun doing it.  Keep up the good work!!

Hope to see you at the breakfast in the morning!!
Hope to hear you on the air!!

Mt. Juliet

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