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I’m really beginning to wonder whether I should remain on this email list.  I thought this was for Amateur Radio related information and not the proliferation of political ideas.  There are PLEANTY of forums for that – take it over there!  As far as the article goes, perhaps you should send to my friends in Springfield, TN whose husband was 35 and in excellent health.  I’m sure his widow and 3 small children would benefit from such information.


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  After reading the article, it was easy to see the author’s point of view, but he omitted a lot of important information, not the least being the fact that his “statistics” did not exist when Covid-19 began to spread in the U.S., and even now, focussing solely on the death rate misses a great deal of suffering and harm (lasting health effects, lost productivity, etc.) that afflicts even young people if they get sick and recover.  The current resurgence is beginning to overwhelm the health care systems in the worst states, in spite of improved care and younger patients.  Although the death rate may be lagging the surge in positive tests, our testing system is so messed up that many cannot get tested, and it looks like the death rate has now begun to rise.  As a healthcare provider, I dread what is coming, providers are being put at risk due to patient overload and inadequate supplies of protective gear.  Lastly, the author mentioned, somewhat correctly, that if low risk citizens would faithfully wear masks and observe social distancing, the situation would be better managed, but just look at what is going on around the country, including Davidson County that has a mandatory mask requirement.  Large numbers of people are not wearing masks in public.  Apparently, they do not care enough about their fellow Americans to make the small effort to wear masks, which leaves draconian measures like lockdowns the option of last resort.  That is why we are seeing a resurgence as lock downs are being eased off.

Ron Wiley, MD

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Statistics from CDC seem to show that the lockdown should only apply to people at risk. To my mind, we did folks in nursing homes a serious disservice, prompting many deaths.

Article here.
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