WTB - Some Coax... #antennas


Hey all, N9MVF Ken here, 

I'm working on setting up my permanent station at the home QTH, and I need some coax.  Figured I'd toss this out there before I go ordering online.. maybe you've got a roll or two in the corner you're not gonna need soon? 

I need around 100 to 150 ft of something RG8 (x, 213, lmr240, etc) equivalent to get started and put up a vertical.. I could use another 100 to 150 ft of that for a dipole for HF, too, and really, a third run of that would be great, too. 

Also shopping around (no rush) for 150 ft of LMR-400 with N on one end, and it'd be GREAT if it had a so-239 on the other end, but, that's no big deal (putting up one 2m/1.25m/70cm vertical with that one..) 

Anyways, if you've got anything you're willing to part ways with and get a buck or twenty from me, reach out.  I'll likely order in the next few days if nobody responds. 

Hope all is well.. stay safe and healthy all,
73, de N9MVF

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