Mount Juliet Simplex Society

ARRL Affiliated Simplex Club
Simplex Radio: Last Bastion of Free Speech?

We are the only ACTIVE ARRL Simplex club in the USA, having twice-weekly nets since 2014.
One becomes a member of the club by being on our mailing list, licensed or not.
We have no dues.
We do not hold Nets on repeaters.
We do not own, operate or support a repeater.
We support all local ARES groups and Ham Clubs in Middle Tennessee.
We are the only "no rules" (other than FCC rules) Ham club that we are aware of anywhere.
There is no requirement for you to do anything with us, that is, unless you want to have fun.
We will help you get licensed or get upgrades as well as provide technical help with building a station.

On-air Standards of Practice 
-  Follow FCC Part 95 rules
-  Gentlemanly (and ladylike) conduct is expected on the air. Foul or bawdy language is discouraged and subject to ridicule.
-  Hams are NOT required to check into the nets with any regularity or attend our breakfasts, but it sure is a lot more fun if you do. 
-  You do NOT have to be licensed to attend our breakfasts or listen to us on the air.

-  We do support all local ARES and local government Emergency Operations Centers in any way that we each are able.
-   If you miss nets for one month you get an e-mail congratulating you, miss 6 months, a certificate of achievement, one year, a plaque.

Net Control for our twice-weekly nets is in Mount Juliet, TN and meets on 146.415 FM Simplex.  Nets are casual and conversational and all Hams are invited to check in. Average number of check-ins/net is 36. We have been active on these nets and on the air for over 0 years.

Wednesday 8:00 PM CT on 146.415 FM followed by a 1
0 meter SSB net on 28.415 USB followed by a 223.415 FM Net.

Saturday (All Digital Nets are on 146.460 Simplex)
7:00 PM on DMR.  Settings: Talk Group 99, Color Code 1, Time Slot 1
7:15 PM on D-Star
7:30 PM Yaesu Fusion C4FM

 8:00 PM CT on 146.415 FM, 144.240 USB, 50.135 USB and 223.415 FM nets

at 7:30 PM Central Time on 28.415 USB, 29.415 FM and 223.415 FM Nets. 

Footprint for Net Control is a ~50 mile radius centered on Mount Juliet, TN, ~15 miles East of Nashville.

We maintain that advocating for active Simplex operation causes interested Amateur operators to build effective stations and can better serve their family, neighbors and the community in an emergency. We also believe that meeting other local Hams on the air as well as at our breakfasts is a lot of fun, which is what Ham Radio is supposed to be as a hobby/service.  

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