Up With The Lark 1946 Vs2


Up With The Lark 1946 Vs2
Seq - Dr. J.Pitt-Payne. Kar - Bunty Pritchard Jones. Oct 2000.
Copyright MCMXLVI by T B Harms Co New York
from the 20th Century Fox Picture
Centennial Summer
Music - Jerome Kern
Lyrics - Leo Robin
Starring Jeanne Crain, Cornel Wilde
Linda Darnell and William Eythe
Doug Grierson - Research
Sequenced by Dr. Pitt-Payne 23rd Oct 2000
Up Karaoke by Bunty Pritchard Jones
Up With The Lark 1946 seq Dr. Pitt-Payne in London UK 23rd Oct 2000
Up With The Lark 1946 Vs2
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James Pitt-Payne