A discussion forum dedicated to the prototype and modeling of North American railroad freight cars and cabooses operating from 1960 to the present day. Topics may also include trucks, couplers, cushioning devices, brake gear and other appliances applied to railroad freight cars and cabooses. Freight car pools and relevant discussion of industries shipping by rail are also on-topic.


Note this list is geared to individuals interested in achieving accuracy, sometimes referred to as “rivet counters”. Yes, the small details matter! If you’re not interested in what may be considered minutia by some, this list may not be for you. Otherwise, c’mon in and enjoy a tremendous amount of information shared by highly knowledgeable subscribers. You’re also welcome to just sit back, lurk, and absorb all the great stuff posted here! Together we can all learn a great deal about North American freight cars, their use on prototype railroads, and how to model them.


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