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WELCOME!!! The Hand in Hand PARENT CLUB was created to provide a safe, supportive place for Parent Club Members to discuss the use of the Hand in Hand Listening Tools using a peer support model. To keep our group SAFE and focused on HAND IN HAND, we ask you to follow these GUIDELINES:

· When you post, please ask a question that can be answered by using the Hand in Hand TOOLS.
· ONLY Hand in Hand links and resources.
· Please NO Medical Advice
· Please refrain from unsolicited PMs and giving advice via PM
· NO GIFFS, POSTING OF PICTURES OR VIDEOS with the exception of Hand in Hand links which use stock photos of families.
· Refrain from self-promotion.

We are all here to support each other.  Of course, YOU are the expert on what will work best for your family, and sharing LISTENING TIME with another parent can help clear the way to your best thinking.  The advice, suggestions, and support offered on this page are not intended to diagnose or treat any mental or physical health condition

We hope you find this group helpful, understanding, and supportive of the vital work you do as a parent. Your Co-Moderators, Hand in Hand Instructors Kathy Gordon and Emily Gray Murray

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