sticky Request an update for broken story links at the MEFA Archive #admin #broken #update

Aranel Took

If you are requesting an update to your own story links I will need the title, the year the story competed, and the new URL. Use the hashtag #update on the post.

If you have found a story at the archive with a broken link, please try to contact the author first to let them know and ask them to contact me themselves (I prefer to get updates from the author, so they can give me the URLs they choose). If you get no response (give it a week or so) or if you know the author has passed away, then you can report the broken links here, using the #broken tag. If you know the story is located elsewhere, include the URLs. If the story location is unknown, I will just remove the links. :-(

Authors: If your stories are currently homeless due to an archive shutting down, or you would just like to move your stories to a stable archive so you don't have to worry about them disappearing, consider using Archive Of Our Own (AO3) as a new home for your work. They are all about preservation of fandom history.