Modulation - Demodulation - Software Radio and the "RF-Seismograph" - measuring Space Weather and Earthquakes with your HF station!

MDSR: "Modulation-Demodulation Software Radio"
New!!! The MDSR can now be used as a server-remote client.

The MDSR uses a FT-817,FT-857, FT-897 or a FT-950 (any 455kHz IF transceiver, like the IC-718 or IC-703 , will work) in transponder mode and a computer interface (LIF converter – RX only or a BiLIF – RX/TX capable, hardware). And we are also supporting now 9.0115MHz IF for the ICOM-706 and ICOM-706MKIIG transceiver. Now also supported: IC-7000, FT736, IC725, IC7200, IC756...
I have developed both a LIF and a BiLIF interface, which is in essence a 455kHz to 12kHz for RX and vice versa for TX converter that plugs into the soundcard of the PC. Both interfaces have been tested extensively and now we also have developed the software demodulator which includes a spectrum analyzer designed by Guy Roels (ON6MU) and the fully RX-TX capable MDSR. The CAT interface (OMNI-Rig) was written by Alex Shovkoplyas (VE3NEA) and implemented by Guy. OmniRig is compatible with 48 different transceiver CAT control interface protocols.
This project connects the radio and the computer together at the IF level and hence allows for a SDR (Software Defined Radio) interface. It goes even a step further and does TX with the modulation done in software.
It is cost effective because it takes advantage of the computer and transceiver every amateur radio operator already has. All the information in this group is free to use as long as it is used for non-profit amateur radio purposes only. Download a copy of the MDSR software for your windows computer free from our website. The LIF2016 SMD (RX only) is now available for $50 + $15 H+S. Order on the website, payment through PayPal. We ship worldwide! ( in 9 business days )
For more info and to order go to the MDSR website listed here under "Group Website:".

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