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Welcome To Maritime Antique & Vintage Sewing Machine Collectors MAVSMC.
This group has been established as a place for antique and vintage sewing machine lovers from the Canadian Maritime Provinces Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, & Prince Edward Island can share their interest in antique people powered and vintage electric sewing machines with others in the region.
Though the group is regional all with an interest in antique & vintage sewing machines are welcome.

The group is a place for members to discuss any thing related to repairing, restoring, and any topic related to old sewing machines domestic or industrial.

Are you a collector or someone whose interest is more to tinkering and machine repair & restoration or are you a professional or home sewer who loves the reliability and durability of a good old machine?
Or someone with the old family machine who would love to learn how to actually use your machine?

The group is open to all ages and skill levels and is moderated to prevent spamming and undesirable content.
There is a list of group Rules, this list is sent out to all new members and automatically once a month as reminder. We want this to be a friendly relaxed group so the list is short please become familiar.
Any ideas thoughts on improving the group are welcome and should be forwarded to me your moderator.

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