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Toss your coat and keys, pull a chair up to the Round Table, let the mods make you one of our famous margaritas, enjoy the crackling fire at your back and dive right in. We love Johnny Madrid Lancer here and we love the man who brought him to incomparable and vibrant life—James Stacy.

A perfect melding of unforgettable character and impeccable acting, handsome, charismatic, unpredictable, tough, tender, gunfighter Johnny Madrid Lancer has remained in our minds and hearts for over forty years! 

Rarely has an actor so captivated an audience; no aspect of the character or the man is off-limits. Johnny, his family, Lancer, James' roles, costars, life and influence are all topics for discussion—feel free to add your own! 

Time travel back to 1864--hitch a ride with Johnny and Barranca as he lets the stallion out in a dead run; feel the wind on your face, that hard muscular body swaying in front of you, hear the pounding hooves and laughter trailing behind you on the wind. Be a youngster again—anything is possible here.

We're a friendly bunch and we're not big on rules but we do ask—play nice with others, no slash of canon or original characters, toss adjectives like confetti and don't be shy. Newbie or vintage member, feel free to speak up, speculate, share. Flames toward Johnny/JS and the authors are not allowed; the mods have Colts, great aim and eagle eyes and they're not afraid to use them.

We do not care about spelling, punctuation or run-on sentences—anybody who channels Lancer is OK by us. Feel free to post or upload your drabbles, short stories, long fics, memories, experiences — all have a place at Lovers of Johnny Madrid Lancer.

It’s free to you and one click here helps  feed shelter animals:

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