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AND OF COURSE: Welcome to the Losmandy discussion group! A wide variety of German equatorial mounts are available on the market, but the Losmandy series remains among the best performing and most competitively priced options. 

With more Losmandy mounts being used and Gemini GoTo control becoming increasingly popular, this discussion group is intended for the use of owners of Losmandy mounts, or prospective owners, to share views and tips, ask questions and promote solutions to problems encountered. This can include not only discussion about the mounts themselves, but also their suitability/compatibility with various optical tube assemblies.

A great deal of expertise on the Gemini system is available on this group. (Additional expertise can be found on the Titan group, for which there is a link at the bottom of this page; and on the Gemini group, for users of Gemini on non-Losmandy mounts). Many of our users prefer the traditional Losmandy stepper electronics without go-to. We look forward to answering your questions and to the contribution of your own experience.

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