[ICDX-AM] LW this morning

Mike Terry

Amazing dx, heard in Australia.

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Hi all,

Radio Satelor, Romania on 153 kHz was audible this morning in Sydney, starting from about 3:23 AM local time, fading in and out, audible until approx. 4:30 AM. Mostly talk & news. The peak was around 3:49 AM, and then started diving into a long fade, just when I needed it most for recording.
I have attached a sound file with a short segment (hopefully it can make it through to this forum readers).

No BBC style beeps at the Top of The Hour, but rather a very fine sounding tune with national motives.

The setup used to receive was not the proverbial 1970s clock radio with its magnetic antenna (regrettably?) , but rather a backyard located home made air core loop, that I built using whatever scrap materials I had at hand, inspired by Todd, Richard, Robert and many others sharing their experiences of using resonant loops on this forum.

Interestingly, this same night, using this same setup, on 136 kHz amateur radio experimenters band I was able to log JA1RWI - Japan (previously last logged on 18th of Feb, but with the KAZ antenna (20m x 5 m)).

There is a hope for DX in Sydney suburbs.

Happy listening,

Tomas VK2CCC