2 weeks to apply for vacancy on county Bd of Education

Paul Burke

Arthena Roper, elected in 2018, has resigned from the Jefferson County Board of Education, to become a county Magistrate.

The other 4 members of the Board will fill the vacancy for the remaining 3 years of her term.

Anyone who wants to improve or otherwise set policy for our public schools can apply in the next 2 weeks by sending a letter to the School Superintendent.

You can see videos and read minutes of past meetings at

Pay is $160 per meeting, for up to 50 meetings per year, or $8,000/year (WV Code 18-5-4(e) ), plus any travel expenses. Regular meetings are twice per month, and there are so many meetings with local school councils, and for special purposes, that there are always over 50 meetings per year.

This is one of the three seats elected (nonpartisan) in May 2018, for terms July 2018-June 2022. There are two more seats up for election in May 2020, which you can run for, if you're not appointed this time.

Candidates can be from anywhere in the County, unless your magisterial district already has two members on the Board. I'm not sure if Kabletown may have two members, but otherwise anyone can apply.

Think about who would be good, encourage them to apply, and encourage the board to appoint them.