Help Wanted: Public-Spirited West Virginians

Paul Burke

If you want to make the world or your home better, can you run for election? Or convince a friend to do so?

West Virginia's deadline for candidates to file is January 25, just 5 months away.

Do you want to run for County Commission? School Board? State Delegate or Senator? Other Office?

Now is the time to start thinking. Many groups offer help and training. Here are a few conservative and progressive groups:

Do you want to volunteer for an existing candidate?

Some local candidates are already listed at

and state candidates at and

County offices include Commissioners from Harpers Ferry and Kabletown, Sheriff, Prosecuting Attorney, Assessor, 3 Magistrates, 2 School Board, 1 Conservation District Supervisor

State offices include Governor, Supreme Court Justice, Sec. of State (who runs elections, incorporations and licensing), Attorney General, Agriculture, Treasurer, Auditor, all Delegates, 1 local Senator

Pay levels are at (which also includes some offices not open this year)

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