Event ideas

Marsh Leg IX Gmail

Guys, after a whole wasted year of inaction, I feel that it's time to do things. I've asked about people needing kit, so that we may help you and I get crickets. We are here to help you get outfitted at a reasonable price. But, please don't be buying things without asking Rob, Mark or I about the items. The vast majority of Roman stuff for sale out there is junk and overpriced at that. No, we are not expecting you to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on euro-made gear either. Sure some of it is nice, but they think that we're all rich Americans. Truly, the guy wanting us to pay him $50 ea for vale stakes, + shipping from Poland is a good example of craziness.

We truly are planning events. Among them, a camp out event (maybe with Sal's Celt band and other friends) end of March. Your thoughts? Now, if you're telling me that you don't have the kit to do an event like this, perhaps then it might be good to discuss it here.

Josh and Paul both had some good ideas for events and things and I will let them share their thoughts with you.
Best, Marsh