Fabrica and talking.

Marsh Leg IX Gmail

Look kinder, to have a basic kit is not enough. What Publivs (Paul) meant about kit, is that each member needs to have the items he'd need to live with. A loculus to carry it all in, but a spoon (wood or horn), a knife (no forks then). A wooden bowl and maybe a plate, but also a patera (like a frying pan... Best from sotw). All the things that you'd need to live with. Some carry a spongia wrapped in oiled leather (I know that Sextvs and Faustvs will want to share) but most would not do that. A bota bag, that can be covered in goat skin would be a great fabrica project. Somewhere, I have the Cali IX's instructions for this.

Perhaps you could get a kit due a loculus from Marcvs... He used to make the buckle ring and if not, Raymond's Quiet Press has them. 

If there is a Cost Plus World Market near you
 Go on and look at wooden bowls. RevWar sutlers sell horn and wooden spoons, along with simple eating knives. 

Anyway, these should be goals. We don't need public events. But, we do need to have SOME events to survive. What do you want? It needs to be more than just me 
Best for now, Marsh