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First pair of calcei are OK; style is similar of pics of original finds. The second  pair seems a design much later than what we would have worn. The price is excellent for the first pair. I bought some from this guy and I have been very happy with them.

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The pattern on ETSY was interesting, I have seen some similar among some found at Vindolanda, but I believe they were identified as "civilian". Use the rubber soles as a pattern for leather ones. The rubber could be used as a insole to help make them more comfortable. Just sayin . . . .:)



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Good start

Sure, there were 5 of us, but kudos to Josh for setting it up. Rob was not able to make it due to hardware difficulties. I think we should plan on these monthly, maybe bi-monthly As we use this format, uit will get easier.

James in hospital

Please pray and make sacrifice for Josh's dad, James -- a hearty member of our group who is in the hospital for gall bladder surgery.


As most of us detest caligae for hurting our feet, whynot get an enclosed shoe? I am posting the link to some of the following:

vindolanda fell boot by Masterbogdan


These are the ones Mark said were good. He has this pair also, but I am not sure of the correctness for our time:

Castleford No 13 Roman shoes ( Soldier shoes) Shoes of Roman soldiers of the 1st century AD. Reconstruction based on finds.


These look interesting and good, but I'd ask Mark, he might see something incorrect.

And HERE: is an interesting kit. I know, rubber soles, etc. but someone is thinking ahead. <>

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