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I think there is some interest in a private event. You might also post on Roman Times... had another Celt contact me. I cc:ed you.

We need to know who is interested in a private event. People can tell you and we'll figure it out.


On 6/1/2020 6:35 PM, Joshua Boyer wrote:
Salvete, omnes! (Hello everyone)

So i, as well as everyone else, am super bummed out about the cancelation of the Virgina Scottish Games. However, i want everyone in the unit to know that in light of this grim news, administration and command are working tirelessly and communicating every day to plan around this. We might be coming up with plans for a private event for legion members hosted this fall, even if its only a weekend meet and greet/beginner reenactors workshop.

The safety of each and every one of our members is our most paramount concern at the moment, especially since we have more venerable people in the unit as well as youngsters such as myself. We cannot risk allowing each other to fall victim to this dreaded plague, we owe it to each other as a brotherhood to do what is best for the majority. 

This being said, again, command is working and communicating to establish a forward looking agenda for the coming year. As soon as this information is available I will pass it on to those in this email list and the wider unit as a whole. 

In these troubled times i wish that each of you are well, mea fratres, (my brothers) and that you all stay safe and sound until we meet again.

Event coordinator and Tribune of Plebs,
Junius Faustus (Joshua Boyer)

Legio IX Hispana
Alteris renumera duplum de quoquo tibi numeraverunt.

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