Scottish highland games

Marsh Leg IX Gmail

From Marcus on the fb:

I just received a notice from Dan Gilbert, the reenactor coordinator for the Virginia Scottish Games. Sadly, the Games will not be held this year, but are scheduled for September 2021.

One piece of good news: Dan mentioned that reenactors will be allowed to camp overnight starting next year.

My thoughts:

A long ways out. That's sad. But, since ol' Governor blackface got caught without his mask, he's going to make all Virginians lives miserable. What a turd. I was at my boat this weekend and saw dorks driving their cars wearing a mask and gloves. Joggers and bike riders with them. Just crazy. In Southern VA, no one wears them. Ugh.

It's become mostly political theater now.

I guess I'll get more yard work done, but it's really blowishus

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