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I look for them kind sir, but alas, it's the transportage of these things that causes me great distress. I think a trailer is the hard part.


On 11/18/2019 6:01 PM, Mike Keyes wrote:
Hail! It is I Micus. Sorry for my lack of response thus far, I have a singular 
distaste for typing. That being said, bear with me.
   I believe that the Fort can and will be built by us all. At this point we need
to obtain four 32 foot long used phone poles. I do not have the means to 
transport the once located poles to my farm. These poles, once planted 5 ft. 
deep in a 10 ft. square, will comprise the skeleton upon which we will attach
a deck at +/- 12 ft. And one at+/- 20 ft. , capping it off with a roof. This tower
will , eventually, be incorporated into a defensive earthen wall and ditch. 
   I have the machinery to handle and erect the poles (relax) once they arrive
here. Three legionnaires will be needed to assist with the planting. 
    To build the decks we will need 14) 12 ft. poles and 200 sq/ft decking.
We can make the rails and roof trusses out of found cedar. We will also need 
8) 5/8 in.+ carriage bolts / nuts/16 washers.
     I think the Fort will be a place that we will build together and use together that
will give us a space to be Roman and develop an esprit de corps.
                   p.s. In your daily interactions with your various devices,please
                          keep your eye out for 4)32 ft. and 14)12 ft. Used telephone poles.

On Mon, Nov 18, 2019 at 11:02 AM Joshua Boyer <boyerjoshuac@...> wrote:
Speaking of private events,
Mike, whats the status of getting our fort up and running? I think having our own venue would do leagues for recruitment and event planning.

On Mon, Nov 18, 2019, 10:56 AM Alex Hundley <canine730@...> wrote:
A dedicated group for events and scenarios sounds like a good idea. I think for an authenticity committee, that may be a bit premature. I dont think we have the numbers to establish two separate committees.

I'm not a fan of public events but I know for Roman, it is important for recruitment. I'm willing to continue attending public events for the health and growth of the unit. 

Until we expand and have more dedicated people, I think authenticity aspects should remain a leadership-controlled issue.

On Sun, Nov 17, 2019, 5:33 PM D. M. VARIANvS <varianus@...> wrote:

Having talked to Gen Z warrior Josh Boyer yesterday, we discussed forming a committee for Events/scenarios and maybe another for authenticity. Who would be interested.

Talk men, talk. Silence is not golden here.

Legio IX Hispana
Alteris renumera duplum de quoquo tibi numeraverunt.

Legio IX Hispana
Alteris renumera duplum de quoquo tibi numeraverunt.

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