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Young Jedi, have you looked at what we have now? Nothing great, but a start. I'll attach it here. Ryan Hunneshagen, a Latineer like you had a shot at it. Need art though eventually. See attached.

Best, M

On 11/13/2019 3:50 PM, Joshua Boyer wrote:
Well, some life immersion events sound cool. Possibly, if we could, set up a camp and actually LIVE as legionaires for a weekend or so. Meaning no phones, hotels, modern amenities, etc. Without a celtic group there cant really be any kind of combat unless we regress to Republican rome and enact the civil wars. 

As for the Latin thing, Marsh im offended. Lol i spent six years of my life learning Lingua Romanorum. i would be more than happy to put together a elementary latin guide for the unit and perhaps a small pamphlet that we could give out at public events. 

On Wed, Nov 13, 2019, 2:25 PM Marsh Leg IX Gmail <dmvlegix@...> wrote:
What are YOU interested in here. No politics though, please. As much as many of us like to talk it, sometimes we don't also and this isn't Facebook.

The thing is, Roman is way far off... I know some units think that they are harder than hard, but really, before you can run, you must crawl and before you can crawl, you need to sit up... Most of us on the Roman world are at the sittin' up stage. Really. Authenticity has many levels:

-Material authenticity with one's gear. We struggle with that every day. What is the limit? Hand-forged armor? Hand-woven cloth? Primitive leather tanning? Eyewear? Underwear? Shoe insoles? 

-Language... None of us REALLY speaks Latin. Latin is hard. My hope is a cartoon-language book like we have for later German. I'm not am artist, but some of the phrases will allow us to put together some kind of Latin speak. YOUR THOUGHTS on this?

-Food... Roman Army food was kind of bleak. Sounds like Sal isn't going to be doing this... Mark had done it a lot at Lafe -- I have his recipes on ... Food can really help take you there. Here a lot harder when you're chowing down on a Mt. Dew, Twinkies and other crap. I'm bad there too... I like my perrier. Mark makes pretty good posca. Really. Roman food isn't usually bad, just different. Different ideas. Thoughts? No Chris, no spaghettios.

-Last is the Man Inside the Lorica... Knowing more about his life. I do have this as a handbook chapter, just not public because, well, a lot of it is swiped from books. And edited :-o I'll try and put a link to that in another email.

Since were not trapped to MTA anymore, maybe we can do some other events. Taking days off work and spending hundreds of dollars was not keen. What kind of events would you like? Speakkkkkkk

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