A gentle reminder.

Please, when replying to a previous message, quote only as much of the
previous message that is absolutely necessary.  In particular, please delete
the previous footer information, since it will be automatically appended to
your post.

Remember that many readers see the messages via a "digest" and including too
much quoting just fills up their, and everyone's, mailboxes.  If there is any
question, a member can always access the online archives to see the entire
original message.

For those of you receiving the digest, this reminder is even more important.

In addition, if you send a message, and it does not turn up on the group site,
or in the email, check if it had too much quoting.  Such messages may be
deleted before distribution, and often without notice.

Finally, remember that there are younger members of this group, and sometimes,
younger family members may be reading over our shoulders.  Abusive or
excessively foul languange will not be tolerated, and members violating this
rule are subject to being banned without notice.

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