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I’m so thrilled that you reached out. A public source for you for verifying that Herb Cohen was the voice of Gork is from Larry King’s first autobiography, “Larry King” published in 1982, which is very hard to find now. However, you can probably find it from sources which sell used books. I just bought a copy from Thriftbooks. In this book Larry discusses the character and verifies its source.

I have added a comment to Philavideo’s page with the information. I can assure you that the character is most definitely not Williams and I also jokingly wondered if the person who posted the video mistook Gork for Mork when I found what may have been this same video with that mistake.


Btw, many thanks for correcting my memory in that Fringas was said to be 31 days ahead of Earth but I incorrectly remembered it as 30 days. I will correct my blog post.



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Thanks David.  I had forgotten about the baby tender story, and I don't think I'd heard his story about falling asleep on the air.  


I've worked on the "Larry King Show" page at: and would like to list the voice of Gork.  How do you know that it was Herb Cohen?  BTW, that makes a lot more sense than the answer at the one Gork recording I can find online at: . (I think that its poster must have confused Gork with Mork--but still managed to post a treasure.)


On Mon, Feb 8, 2021 at 9:53 PM David Goldfield <david.goldfield@...> wrote:

Yes! This page has five or six of these classic stories! If you haven’t heard them you’ll love them. If you’ve heard them from his original show on Mutual you’ll love the memories! I haven’t heard the Baby Tender story since the 1980s but I plan to listen to that one next.



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