This group is dedicated to LTspice.  This group is independent from the owner of LTspice (Analog Devices (ADI) / Linear Technology (LTC)).
In this group, please use the English language only.  No personal attacks.  Please be civil.  No ads or spam.
Also remember that thousands of people around the world can see what you write, so be careful not to reveal personal or proprietary information.
Anything that you post will be e-mailed to thousands of others, and visible to anyone on the Internet.

LTspice is a free SPICE electronic circuit simulation program.  Download it at .
The old LTspice usergroup that was on Yahoo!Groups has been integrated into this group.  All messages, files and members have been moved here.
There is a folder with zip-files containing all the files from the old Yahoo group - .

If you are not already a "member" here, click the Join This Group button and follow the steps.  Only group members can post messages.

Please do not attach or include or embed any files or pictures in your messages.  Instead, upload files to the folder Temp - .
Then write a NEW message telling us what you uploaded and why.  Please don't point us to other ("third party") file storage websites,
even if it is one where you have an account.  Upload your files to our group's website, and only into the Temp directory.
If your files are compressed or archived, please use *.ZIP format ONLY.  Do not use .rar or .7z or .tar or .gzip or any of the others.

Pictures go here -> (create a New Album, then upload your photo into it).
But if you have a schematic, upload the schematic file, not a picture of it.  Pictures are not nearly as helpful.
We can't run an LTspice simulation of a picture, and the schematic file has things not in the picture.
Pictures that show us what we can all see by running the simulation of your circuit, do not help.
Please do not upload nonsensical file types such as Powerpoint or videos.

Don't discuss in the "File ... uploaded" topics.  Those topics are regularly deleted.  Replies will bounce if sent to those topics.
Instead, start a new topic with a meaningful subject title.

Please don't "hijack" a topic by replying to it with a new Subject line.  If you want to create a new topic, click the "New Topic" button in the left menu.

This group has many thousands models and schematics.  Use these two index files to find what you want:
  all_files_z_yahoo.htm  (files uploaded before 2019),  (files uploaded since 2019).
Download these, then open them on your PC in a web browser.

There is a directory with "Frequently Asked Questions" about LTspice, here -> .

There is an excellent website called the LTwiki which lists most of the undocumented LTspice features.  Make sure to type http: not https: for that website.  Some web browsers default to https: which you must override by typing http: at the beginning of the URL.

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