: Wandong

Colin Harvey

Hi David

This siding was costed in 1892 at the same time as a proposal to replace the level crossing with an overbridge. Details are on file 92/14771 in VPRS 421/P0, Unit 463. This file has a plan of the proposal, but is it the same plan you saw?

I’m sure that the siding was not constructed into the works as proposed as it doesn’t appear in later photographs of the seasoning works, despite a reference in 1894 by the Engineer for Existing Lines recommending that rails and fastenings supplied for connection between Coy’s siding and railway siding at Wandong & value about £30 added to interest charges for other material &c (VPRS 12623/P1, Unit 1, Corres. No. 7235). Also no one I have spoken with at Wandong has any knowledge of a broad-gauge siding in the works.

There seems to be some confusion about how material supplied by the VR for use in the Company’s narrow-gauge tramway was used. In 1899 the Crown Solicitor stated that transfer of Co.’s siding to VR had been  completed (VPRS 12623/P1, Unit 16, Corres. No. 6489) but this may mean the transfer of the licence issued by the Lands Dept for the tramway from the mill to Wandong.



David in Avenel

Thanks for the info Colin, that Unit 463 is the very box I was going through.

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