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Hello all,
For those of you who have the Memory Map software and Vicmap maps, Memory Map now has updated (early 2019) the Vicmap maps, at 1:25,000, 1:50,000 and 1:100,000 scales covering the entire state for sale.

If you already have the Memory Map software, you can do it from within the software (or login at: https://w2.memory-map.com/login.htm). The cost is AU$55 (upgrade) or AU$110 (new purchase).
The new maps are called 'VicMap Topo 25k 2019', 'VicMap Topo 50k 2019' and 'VicMap Topo 100k 2019'. All three are covered in the above price.

If you don't have the software, it is free and can be downloaded at: https://memory-map.com/Mapping_Software.html (you only pay for the maps)

These updated Victorian topographic maps look good, and the hillshading on the 1:100,000 scale maps looks good once you get in to the more hilly areas.

The best way to download the entire maps for each of the 3 scales once you have bought them is to update the Memory Map software to v6.2.2 (available on the website - see: https://memory-map.com/Mapping_Software_Downloads.html)

Once this is installed, use the Map -> Digital Map Store -> Download Whole Map for each of the Vicmap 25k / 50k / 100k scales.
Note that you will need a good Net connection for this, the 25k / 50k / 100k maps are roughly 3.5GB / 1.2GB / 400MB respectively.

John Cleverdon
Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia
John's web page: https://johncleverdon.neocities.org/
LinkedIn: http://au.linkedin.com/pub/john-cleverdon/a/a81/2b

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