: Trove Brisbane images

Phil Rickard

Thanks Peter,

Must be a "work in progress", so keep watching!

I checked "jetty".  Only about 5/8ths of the BCC's jetty images are on Trove so far.  i.e  Of the ones I mentioned in LR256, the tramway on the Amity Point jetty comes up in Trove, but the Green Island jetty (both of them - the Moreton Bay one and the Cairns one) neither comes up in Trove, so far.

It will be good when one doesn't have to "travel all over the countryside" to check individual sites and libraries etc - one day they will all be seen via Trove.   [but - there's always a but! - I have noticed that sometimes one still gets better results in the individual State libraries catalogues rather than via Trove.]  Must depend on exactly what details they load to Trove or what details the institutions allow Trove to access . . .


Phil Rickard