Surveyor sketchbooks NSW

Stuart Thyer

These records consist of tracings and sketches (in many cases forwarded by surveyors as enclosures to letters) inserted into volumes in numbered folios. The tracings and sketches mostly relate to the following subjects: sketches and tracings of towns and villages and of extensions and alterations proposed thereto, and of allotments sold or granted to various persons.

Other sketches and tracings are of land, the ownership of which was in dispute, or of encroachments on Crown lands, and of tracings of reserved roads through allotments, and of street alignments in towns. There are also tracings of land reserved for churches, schools, cemeteries and other public purposes.

Among the sketches there are also included lithographs of private sub-divisions and some architectural plans and sketches.

Sketches and tracings inserted in the sketch books were often the basis from which maps and plans were compiled.

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Stuart Thyer

Research Editor

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