South Channel Fort

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Thanks David,

I'm guessing the tramway only went from the jetty (or both jetties -
there was also originally one at the other end of the island from the
present jetty)to the coal store, next to the boiler room.
I gather there are sleeper remains.

For the non-Victorian readers, South Channel Fort was built on a
man-made island at the southern end of Port Phillip in the 1880's to
frighten the Russians away. It must have worked as they never
attacked. Certainly not a very long tramway, but a most unusual and
historic location I think.

Happy sailing,(and railing)

cheers Phil

Readers may wish to see the recently released South Channel Fort
Management Conservation Plan, Part 1 at,

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I should be in the vicinity of the South Channel Fort sometime this
summer. I have made a note to stick at the nav station on my boat and
will have a look on the fort for you and take some photos. I remember
the fort well as we used to go ashore on it frequently as kids and
occasionally as we grew up


David Roy Axup
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I've placed a copy of a copy of the 1938 map of Rye in the photos.

You'll notice that there weren't as many roads in Rye seventy years ago!

Considering the number of folk who would have passed through Rye at
some time on their holidays, it's a near certainty there would be
photos of the line. Yes, the local historical societies would be a
good place to start.

Happy researching.

cheers Phil

(p.s. If you ever happen to sail past South Channel Fort, could you
land and check out the tramway remains please? thanks.)