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Shay at Nyngan?

Posted by: "John Dennis" jdennis@...   duttonbay

Fri Aug 18, 2006 3:31 am (PST)


Whilst browsing what I thought was the Picture Australia website, but
which the URL suggests is the State Library of NSW, I came across this
image captioned " During the drought, taking water to Cobar - Nyngan,

I sincerely doubt that a Shay ever set foot on the track between
Nyngan and Cobar - would appreciate any comments about the likely
location of this photo:,I

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Re: Shay at Nyngan?

Posted by: "jebounds" jebounds@...   jebounds

Fri Aug 18, 2006 3:51 am (PST)

The photo appears to be Wolgan Valley Railway no 2.
It could be on the delivery run to Newnes Junction.


Re: Shay at Nyngan?

Posted by: "Chris Stratton" gm4201@...   gm4201

Fri Aug 18, 2006 4:10 am (PST)

Looks like COC #2 at the loco depot which was half a mile north of Newnes
Junction. According to the diagram in the Shale Railways book the train is
heading to Newnes Junction as the coal stage is south of the water tank.
Also the water tank looks the same in the library photo and in a photo in
the book.


Shay at Nyngan

Posted by: "Dick Holland" rholland@...   hollric

Fri Aug 18, 2006 4:51 pm (PST)


After perusing my copy of the Shale Railways of N.S.W. I would suggest that the loco in the photo is C.O.C. Shay No. 2 and it is Newnes bound. The location is the former locomotive depot half a mile north of Newnes Junction.

Other observations. The track is double headed and the chairs are what was used to secure the track to the sleepers on this line. The only place I have ever seen this type of railway line is in the Lithgow District on former private colliery lines, eg. Piper's Flat. Regarding the signal. There was a signal at this location facing Newnes Junction bound trains, but it is indicated as being located on the map I'm looking at further to the north. It appears to be a signal wire in the fore ground so the map is probably correct. Of course the water tank, which was located on the left hand (western) side of the line. A photograph exists in the book of this, and it is very similar to that displayed here, two banks of three ships water tanks. I would like to say that the eucalypt in the background is similar to the stunted trees that exist on the Newnes Plateau, however, I'm not too sure.

I'll stand corrected of course, but it certainly ain't Nyngan.

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