Mushroom farm demolition

John Garaty

Greetings all,
Work has commenced on demolishing the remains of the mushroom farm
north of Helensburgh NSW (between Wollongong & Sydney). The mushroom
farm used the old NSWGR single track tunnel between Helensburgh and
Cawley for cultivation of the mushrooms. The mushroom farm used a 2'
gauge railway to transport fresh trays of spores from the
preparation shed to the tunnel and then to transport the grown
mushrooms from the growing area in the tunnel to the packing shed.
The site has been derilect for several years.

The follwing are my observations while passing the site while on my
way to and from work by train.
On Thursday 24/8 morning - access road and current tracks seperated
with a Y-bar and tape "fence"
On Friday 25/8 morning - access gates observed open but no-one seen
on site
On Monday 28/8 morning - site cabin and cars observed on site
On Tuesday 29/8morning - Large scrap bin observed near site cabin
On Thursday 31/8 afternoon - Volvo tracked 'Grab-all" fitted with
metal pincers seen parked near site shed.
On Monday 4/9 morning - Volvo machine observed in use scooping up
old mushroom trays on south side of site.

At this stage, it appears unlikely that anything from this site will
be preserved
Regards, John Garaty