LRRSA Zoom entertainment meeting - 10 June 2021 - Red Cliffs (Vic) 2 ft gauge tramway

Frank Stamford

On Thursday 10 June at 8.00 pm AEST (ACT, NSW, Qld, Vic., and Tas. Time). the LRRSA will be holding an online meeting via Zoom. It will go for about 90 minutes to two hours, but you will be free to leave at any time.

Times in other places: 7.30pm in SA; 6.00pm in WA; 1000 UTC; 11.00am BST (London) Thursday 10 June.

After a brief introduction giving news of LRRSA activities, Mike McCarthy will present Red Cliffs (Vic) Pumping Station 2 ft gauge coal tramway. From 1924 to 1954 the State Rivers and Water Supply Commission of Victoria operated a 5.3 km tramway carrying coal and briquettes between Red Cliffs and a pumping station on the Murray River. A small Kerr Stuart steam locomotive and several Malcolm Moore tractors were used on the line. Mike will speak about the origins of the tramway and its operational history.

You do not need to be a member of the LRRSA to attend this meeting. It is open to anyone anywhere in the world. To participate you will need to register your interest, which is easy at our website and clicking "Zoom in".

To use Zoom you can use a PC, tablet or mobile phone, but if using a PC you will at least need speakers or headphones to participate.