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Dear LRRSA fans,

Please note that some of us have been doing this "un-officially" for years

The Original "Swan's Crossing" HO/HOn3/HOn30 layout actively used LRRSA
research materials in it's build, and LRRSA as an organisation was promoted
whenever we had anyone who showed "more than the passing" interest in Aussie
logging, and tramways.
(1995 - 2000)

"Broughton Vale Tramway" (HOn30) took over where "Swan's Crossing" left off.
(1999 - 2004)

"Nine Mile", (On30), as shown in the October 2005 Australian Model Railway
Magazine, took East Coast Aussie logging modelling of prototype equipment
and operations that one step furthur, including working Harman steam
winches, and very accurate models of the Longworth's, Lahey's, Britton Bros,
and Tyer's Valley logging trains. Much of this work was directly due to the
evidence avalable thru LRRSA publications, contacts, and members.

These layouts have been touring NSW, Qld, and Victoria for over 10 years,
although their main showings are in NSW.

Thru these layouts, LRRSA had the opportunity to be promoted to the US
Logging Research and Modelling communities, as I was requested, and
travelled to the North West Logging MOdellers Convention in 2003, as a guest
speaker, to show the varied techniques and equipment of East Coast Aussie

More recently, a new layout was released early this year, depicting the
station and yard area of the Illawarra Light Railway Museum. A previous
promotional layout for the museum has seen better days, (stored badly
onsite), and the techniques used to model said layout have been superceeded
by lighter, more user friendly assemblies.

This new layout is slowly being introduced into the NSW show circuit, and
newer models, built to accurately represent the equipment held and operated
by the Museum, are in various stages of construction as we speak.

RE Australian Narrow Gauge Conventions

LRRSA has had a presence in the form of tag-teaming with the Illawarra Light
Railway Museum stand, at both the 2003 (Sydney), and 2005 (Albury)

For more info, head to

SO, to review,

- LRRSA promotion works when people have something to see, and get excited
about. Class A accurate scale modelling of Aussie NG operations and
industries is a proven way to generate that interest, from all ages.

- "Un-official" LRRSA promotion via relevant displays and model layouts has
been happening for at least 10 years, esp in NSW.

From a modelling point of view, we have plenty of "modelgenic" prototypes to
"have a go at",

and the LRRSA is a goldmine of information to enable the Modellers to "do it

The practicalities of squeezing (say) Terralong St Kiama Quarry tramway
operations into a reasonable sized display layout, is part of the challenge
that draws some modellers to the "exhibition circuit".

This is an opportunity, which a rare few LRRSA members/NG modellers have
siezed. I look forward to hearing of more, and am happy to assist such
efforts in any way possible...


Happy Modelling,
Aim to Improve,
Professor Klyzlr,

"...Still hauling log with Class B Climax 1375,
Over Longworth's "Pig Sty Pier" bridge,
somewhere deep in the Aussie Bush..."

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Evening everyone,
Twould be of great interest to find
out how museums like Woodford and Richmond Vale fare
from their stands at exhibitions.
The Woodford one has a nice display at the Brisbane
exhibitions and it always has people inside it. It
certainly was one of the more atrractive looking
The Professor brought up some interesting things.
Swans Crossing was an outstanding layout and certainly
raised my interest in logging railways and the
modelling of same.
I can certainly see where such outstanding layouts
could be used as a way to promote the LRRSA.

Really want to see this Albion Park layout. Was
talking to John Garaty about it just the other day.


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