Google Earth 2021 track overlay


Hi Folks
Since some are not on Facebook, I am advising that John Paff has just released his latest (2021) Aus Tracks Google Earth kmz overlay file. This is sometimes termed the Hairyleg file as that was John Paff’s Railpage user name. AUS Tracks 2021-08-14. Remember to move file from the temporary Google Earth installation location up to the permanent location in Google Earth once installed for the first time.

Just just save that on your system and then after saving it on your computer, click on it and it should open in Google Earth.

John Paff said to share this with as many people as might be interested, and ask everyone to contribute if they can improve things. Several in this group have his email if needed, so just ask. John also noted this overlay contains the contributions of many people, and it’s a shame they all can’t be credited, but once again thank you, as I know a few in this QLD group have sent data to John.

John Paff also said there are people struggling to find tracks that have already been mapped, so please make this resource known as needed.

I also have an installation instruction page for the 2016 version available and the instructions are very similar

Peter Cokley