Geological Survey of Victoria

Phil Rickard

Our  Victorian Tours' organiser, Simon Moorhead has brought the following to our attention:

I recently discovered that all the Victorian Geological Survey Bulletins and Memoirs are now available for free download at the following site. 
(Previously you needed to purchase them on a CD.)


For anyone with an interest in the geological history of Victoria, its mines and quarries, I'm sure they will find a 'mine' of information.
The two files are large: the Bulletins being in a ZIP file of 243MB; whilst the Memoirs are in a ZIP file of 416M, (Wait until the kids are
at school before you try!  NBN will help as well.)

And if you have yet to discover it, the maps' section is also very useful (and free).  [well, we all pay taxes, so it's free-ish]

cheers  Phil Rickard