Fw: Light Railways Photo Request

Bruce McLean


From: Bruce McLean
Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2017 6:51 PM
To: Richard Warwick
Subject: Light Railways Photo Request
Hello Richard,
Great to spend some time with you last Monday.  It sounds like you enjoyed your research trip.
Frank Stamford put this appeal on Facebook today: 
Anyone out there have any suitable photographs they would like to submit to be considered for publication in the Heritage & Tourist section of the next Light Railways?
Here are two photos of the former Sandhurst Town (Bendigo) Ruston locomotive hauling an ex Brisbane tramcar that maybe useful.  Sandhurst Town closed some years ago and is now the site of a Buddhist Temple.  The fate of the locomotive and carriage is not known.
The track was 610mm gauge and 1.6km long.  Photos taken by me on 190th May 1983.
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