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From a kindred group, condensed slightly.  I haven't extracted the G33 items yet.

Garratt Situation February 2020
Peter Bagshawe, posting to <garratt@...> Sun, 8 Mar
February 2020 update to the list of operational or under active overhaul Garratts - Worldwide.
* Argentina. The two FCAF Garratts in Ushuaia remain in daily service, although there have been changes including new ownership of this railway. Locomotives are no longer single person operated although the second person in the cab is more of a safety spotter than a fireman. No recent progress has been made on the third Garratt. Management states it will be completed in order to allow the other two to rotate into the workshop for overhaul at a time of record passenger numbers.
* Australia. AD60.6029 is in ticket, but stored indoors at Thirlmere during the Australian summer because of lineside-fire risk (it being coal fired0. NGG16.129 is in service on Puffing Billy Railway. G42, also on PBR, is expected to be withdrawn in order for a major servicing which will include new tyres. 127 is stored inside the museum at Menzies Creek awaiting a decision on its future. There is recent news on ASG G33 at Queenscliff (Victoria) below.
* UK. The prototype Garratt K1 is now based at Statfold Barn Railway near Tamworth in central England. It is confirmed that it will be returned to operational condition this year, and will spend some time back on Welsh Highland Railway for special events.  At WHR, NGG16.87 is now virtually complete after a boiler overhaul and other work. 130 has suffered from a series of delays, but will emerge from a total rebuild with a new boiler sometime this summer. 138 is now out of ticket, waiting for a replacement boiler which has already passed its hydro and steam tests. 143 has one year left on its boiler ticket. With 130 joining the fleet, it is not known what priority will be placed on replacing the boiler off 143 (the replacement boiler is away for overhaul), especially as the company has NG15.134 in the works at Dinas, and its boiler is also away for overhaul. Delaying the activation of the fresh boiler for 143 would spread out the fleet overhaul cycle in ten years time. At Vale of Rheidol Railway, NGG13.60, acquired from SchBB in Switzerland, has undergone a boiler overhaul and is currently having all of it's tyres reprofiled and air brakes fitted in order to operate, which should happen this summer.
* India. Broad gauge N811 is technically in ticket after a USD400 000 refurbishment which should be considered a followon overhaul from that completed in 2006. Plans are unknown, but the steam friendly senior management at Indian Railways, who initiated the revival, have been replaced. It was in steam on 22.9.2019.
* New Zealand. Work continues on former RR 14A509 at Plimmerton, with the oil firing conversion now the main area requiring attention. The end of 2021 is the current forecast for a first steaming. However Mainline Steam has lost two of their three depots and is mainline operating licence since the overhaul started in earnest in 2014.
* South Africa. Serious issues with the general economy are affecting steam operations all over the country. Of the five operable Garratts at Sandstone, two have operated for just one weekend since April 2019. On 30.1.20, Sandstone announced that it will restore the boiler unit off 16A155. Paton's Country Railway manager Julian Pereira is relocating to Portugal. NGG16.116 has not made a revenue run since completion of its overhaul in March 2017. At nearby Creighton, GMAM4126 remains the only Cape gauge Garratt in operating condition in the entire country. At Humewood Road, Port Elizabeth, the Apple Express organisation is finally close to beginning regular operations, which has to be good news for its NGG16.131 overhaul. The mainline tourist operation Ceres, in conjunction with the German tour operator FarRail, has acquired GMAM4135. How successful they will be in returning it to operating condition remains to be seen; plans should be announced mid 2020.
* USA. NGG13.50 remains in operating condition at Hempstead in Texas.
* Zambia. RR 14A.523 has been returned to operating condition by Bushtracks in Livingstone. 520 and then 516 are to follow, with 512 being broken up for spare parts. Bushtracks operates on both sides of the border with Zimbabwe.
* Zimbabwe. Activity is now limited to very occasional tourist excursions out of Bulawayo using 15A414 or 14A519. Without external funding, it is unlikely that any of the several other locomotives stored in Bulawayo will see any further operation.

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